rhizomatic NETWORKin collaboration with Mauro Zannoli &
кот Джеральд

A tapestry of loops, cast upon a dome, forging a body of feedback and lucent echoes into a perpetual cluster of obscurity.

The network operates on the principle of dynamic interdependance between a sonic and a visual feedback system. Both systems move within defined frameworks but have the potential to generate unexpected results, highlighting the emergence of complexity from basic interactions. A glass sheet serves as a resonant body for the two microphone components interconnected with transducers, with the collected sound waves passing through digital processing, alongside serving as a canvas for the camera capturing the light emitted by LED panels. 

The composition aims to illuminate the delicate balance and feedback loops that exist in natural and synthetic systems, allowing viewers to witness the interplay between micro and macro perspectives. Within this controlled yet dynamic environment, the components intertwine, the seamless fusion of light and sound reveal a delicate interaction between individual parts and the overarching system. 

Rhizomatic Networks was conceived in collaboration with Mauro Zannoli and showcased at "Portale" - a joint project with Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the UdK and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, showcased at ZEISS Planetarium in Berlin in December 2023.

"A machine may be defined as a system of interruptions... They operate along lines that vary according to whichever aspect of them we are considering...Every machine functions as a break in the flow in relation to the machine to which it is connected, but at the same time is also a flow itself, or the production of a flow"
—Deleuze & Guattari, Anti-Oedipus


SOUNDS OF THINGS that can no longer be 2022-2023 In collaboration with 
Malu Serafim & Victor Burton

If you had the power to change a sonic memory in your mind—whether to insert, erase, or replace it—which memory would you choose?

The project consists of an imaginary machine that synthesizes sonic memories of the past, present and future. With the help of artificial  intelligence, the machine uses non invasive technology to interface with the human brain directly, thus gaining access to the sounds of their past. In turn, the reciprocal process synthesizes those sonic memories and plays them back for the user to [re]experience.

In the realm of the memories, fiction and reality are intertwined into a single experience. Similarly, the installation consists of two correlated layers : the seemingly real and the imaginary. The listener can simultaneously hear the archive of memories and the corresponding fictional proposition by the machine. This project reflects this duality, being equally a field-study research and a poetic reflection on the topic of sonic remembrance.

The sonic archive of memories grows out of a network of personal relationships. Visitors are invited on site to share a memory of their own, contributing by feeding new input to the expanding archive.

  1. SoundsAbout@Zwitschermaschiene
  2. Akademie der Künste
  3. UDK Rundgang 2023

Memories Installation Excerpt- Zwitschermaschiene


token of 
In collaboration with
Kika Echeverria & Germaine Png

“Token of Appreciation” is a performative piece that was conceived in the context of the event “Kill the Lights” at Akademie der Künste Berlin in 2023. The guided tours of the academy's historic building were conducted in the dark, as a feature of the "Time to Listen" festival. The event aimed to explore how artists and musicians respond to the urgent problems caused by climate change and the ongoing environmental crisis.

Recycled music sheets collected from the printer at the University of Arts music departement were manufactured into cards and handed to the audience as a token of participation.

  1. Time to Listen@ADK Berlin


 FILM  2023

Tiny creatures from the analog world have infiltrated my terminal, forcing it into an intermediate state of flux. As I exited the dreamstate, a glitch followed me into the real world.

Smol explores the unfolding of a dreamscape, an oscillation between magnitudes; pixels and voids, human and natural, analog and digital become intimately intertwined. 

Parallels emerge between a collective consciousness and the digital networks of human creation, questioning interspecies relations and possibilities of connection.



CANAL STORIES audio diary 2021
In collaboration with Nafrood

The audio diary documents the journey of two audio audiophiles navigating the constraints of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Working on the establishment of daily rituals, delving into practices of listening and improvised storytelling. 

The project explores affect and perception, incorporating elements of collaborative rituals, dreaming, storytelling, and sound walks.


MUSIC OF THE SPHERES  spatial audio 2021

In memory of composer and pianist Johanna Magdalena Beyer (1888-1944), Music of the Spheres encompasses the sound of the past, the present and the future. Originally written for 3 electronic instruments in 1938, the concept of future adaptation lays at the core of the composition. 

The adaptation of J.M.Beyers “Music of the Spheres” explores the possibilities of composition and spatialisation in an ambisonic audio environment. Blending sinus oscillations and sampled audio components, shapes an almost haptic experience and blurs the lines between physical and virtual realities.  


MARBLENTROPY  audio game 2020

The second law of thermodynamics states that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state.

Marblentropy turns a simple analog board game into an interactive sonic experience. Reborn as a marble in a maze, you are invited to explore the concept of entropy in a playful manner and engage with other objects on a 3D game board. 

Using the Unity game engine in combination with googles resonance audio, a multi platform spatial audio tool, the sonification of game objects allows the player to connect with the environment on an intuitive, musical level, yet remain within a fixed harmonic concept. 


sonic glove  WEARABLE INSTRUMENT 2019

In collaboration with Richard Sun

Sonic glove is an interactive audiovisual project, realized as part of a programming course and showcased within the scope of  Sopa Summer Festival 2020 @ Hochschule der populären Künste, Berlin in the category audio design.

Inspired by the commercial product “Mi.Mu. glove”, the project aimed to create an affordable tool which enables the manipulation of musical parameters through movement of the hand. In a nutshell, it is a wearable DIY instrument for music and sound composition and improvisation within Max MSP and the Ableton environment. The gloves components consist of an wifi capable Arduino board with integrated roll and pitch sensors, and 4 additional flex sensors on the fingers, for additional parameter control. 

The audiovisual gesture performance “Bonnies Train”was realised as part of a programming project “Sonic Glove”, in order to showcase some of the functionalities and applications of the glove in a performative live scenario. As an extension of the body, the glove enables an intuitive and expressive artistic interaction that goes beyond the sonic realm. 

Richard Sun: programming/narrator/graphic design
Safak Avci: video producer/camera
Moana Holenstein: programming/composition/concept/performance


 cohesion in water 2019

Cohesion-The tendency of molecules of the same chemical constitution to be attracted to one another.

Considering the current path of humanity as a species on this planet, a compelling urgency emerges to pay attention to the functional unity we constitute with other life on this earth. 

This perspective emphasizes the criticality of preserving the delicate equilibrium and stability that sustains all existence. Biological components, each consisting of the same chemical parts to form organisms, congregating communities, shaping ecosystems which come together to create the world as we know it. A natural artifact that grows from the void of space, embodying perpetualever change but yet remaining together as one.

noise GENERATOR/2020
Based on nature’s most basic building blocks, the elements, the generator enables the creation and automation of naturally progressing soundscapes,
using synthetically generated noise.

 noise synth/2021-2022
As an extension of the natural noise generator, the synth prototype uses filtering to extract pitches from the  soundscapes. The generative noise provides an optimal input signal to create organic sonic textures as a basis for harmonic content.

wind MACHINE/2018Inspired by the Aeliophone, the Wind Machine built in Reaktor provides 2 simple parameter controls, rate and intensity. 

“Indeed, to stubbornly conditioned ears, anything new in music has always been called noise.
But after all what is music but organized noises?”

(Varèse, The Liberation of Sound)